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Peer-reviewed articles

Baack, S. (2018). Civic Tech at mySociety: How the Imagined Affordances of Data Shape Data Activism. Krisis 2018 (1).

Baack, S. (2017). Practically Engaged: The entanglements between data journalism and civic tech. Digital Journalism.

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Knowing what counts: How journalists and civic technologists use and imagine data. University of Groningen.

Other publications

Baack, S. (2016). What big data leaks tell us about the future of journalism and its past. Internet Policy Review.

Baack, S. (2013). A New Style of News Reporting. Wikileaks and Data-driven Journalism. In B. Rambatan & J. Johanssen (Eds.), Cyborg subjects: discourses on digital culture (pp. 113–122). [S.l.]: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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Baack, S. (2012): Gibt es ein “Open Movement”? Gastkommentar auf

Selected conference presentations

Data and democracy: How journalists and civil society actors imagine the affordances of data. “Digital Democracy. Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data” conference 2017, Stockholm.

The qualitative study of data cultures. The relationship between data journalism and data activism. “Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Approaches” conference 2017, Brighton.

Structuring Civic Engagement Through Data: How Civic Tech Is Shaping Citizenship. ECREA conference 2016, Prague.

Civic tech. Restructuring publics through data. AoIR 2016, Berlin.

Civic hacking: Re-Imagining Civic Engagement in Datafied Publics. Data Power conference 2015, Sheffield. Summary and slides available here

Open Data and Empowering Intermediaries. Why and how the Open Data Movement wants to transform Journalism. Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space conference 2014, Amsterdam. Slides available at